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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (5/28)

You all are lucky I got on tumblr and went down my dash before uploading this morning. Otherwise I’d have had no idea that Dave’s b-day would be occurring during the holiday season and just posted one of the other ficlets I have ready to go.

But instead I’ve been writing since morning and now here we go.

Something Dave’s birthday themed.

Which is fine because one of my themes was lame anyway and I was trying to come up with something to replace it.

So not really holiday season themed other than it being on the cold side weather wise.


Title: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Characters/Pairing: Dave, Tavros, and Bro mainly, but mentions of others throughout; established Dave/Tavros

Rating/Warnings: PG, maybe PG-13 for swearing and occasional mentions of the fact that Dave and Tavros have a physical aspect to their relationship.

Part/theme: Part 5, Day 3; Dave’s b-day


Dave had asked a million times over why Tavros always woke up so early, and each time Tavros would shrug his shoulders and reply that he just did.

It was partially true. Even mostly true. Changing from being nocturnal was a rough for all involved. Tavros still felt bad about the plaster that filled in holes in the wall that he had rampaged into. He did eventually switch over, but waking when the sun was already up was too much. He would wake in the dark, and as the sun slowly rose, his eyes adjusted until he was ready for the day that he would be awake through.

Another part was that it gave him a chance to do a bit of cleaning around the apartment, even if he did have to tiptoe in the living room so as not to wake up Bro.

He did not always succeed and would find himself faced with puppets moving around the room when he was not looking and giving him a heart attack. Bro would act as if he was asleep, but after the third time this happened, Tavros would note the exact way the blanket fell on his body.

It always laid differently every time Tavros glanced over.

But he did not call Bro out on it. He did deserve it for waking the man up.

The final part though, that Tavros would never tell a soul, was moments like these.

Dave was curled up against his side, head cradled between the troll’s shoulder, chest, and arm, one leg balanced on his hip. It never happened during the summer when Dave would be as far away as possible, complaining about the heat. But as the weather grew cooler, the human grew closer. And nights like these – the few nights that actually felt chilly to the troll – Dave would seek him out in his sleep. Once, Tavros had simply laid there until Dave woke up, and the human insisted that it was hardly his fault that Tavros was like a giant heating pad.

“Well, guess I’m just packed with too many sick fires.”

Dave had rolled his eyes and elbowed him before rolling away to go back to sleep.

This night though, even Tavros had to admit it was cold. He shivered and scooted up the mattress until the top of his head and, more importantly, his horns hung over the edge of the bed so that he could lay on his side. Dave grumbled in his sleep, but otherwise just curled in further against Tavros’ chest. His breathing evened out again once Tavros had his arms around him.

The human did feel cooler to the touch. Cooler than usual. Worry ate at Tavros’ bile sack.

While he did not want to disturb his matesprit, the worry insisted. Tavros dragged himself a bit further up the bed so that he could reach down and shove his hand under the mattress, searching.

Fingers brushed soft yarn and he smiled.

However, when Tavros had the object in hand and turned back to the human asleep next to him, he jolted.

Dave was staring at him. Blearily, yes, but still alert enough that he was certainly awake.


“Just finish whatever the hell you’re doing so we can finally settle down again.”

“I didn’t think you were awake.”

“I don’t sleep as heavily as you think. Just can’t be damned to actually wake up fully when I can go back to snoozing.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Tavros murmured. Dave shrugged the shoulder he was not laying on.

“Just finish what you’re doing so I can hit snoozeville again.”

Tavros nodded and lifted his arm from where it had been hanging over the edge. He shifted back down again, barely able to hold back a pleased hum when Dave moved in close against him again once he was done, nuzzling against his chest. Dave had to be on the edge of sleep, Tavros thought to himself, to be so blatantly clingy.

Carefully, Tavros slipped an arm under Dave’s neck, lifting him enough that the side of his head was not pressed into the sheets. Then, with his other hand, he tried to put it on, but to no success. Finally, Dave sighed and reached up to lazily tug it from Tavros’ hand.

“The fuck are you – what the fuck is this?”

“Um. A gift?”

“Wait, hold on,” Dave mumbled as he pulled away enough that what little light was in the room fell on the present. Tavros had forgotten that his matesprit could not see well in the dark. His pupils were so wide that it was hard to see any of the red around them. “Is this a hat?”

“Yeah. That’s sort of why I was going to put it on you. You felt kind of cold.”

“I don’t have a hat like this.”

“You do now.”

“Is this hand knitted?”

“Sorry that I’m still not very good at it. Rose tried to help but, well, it’s hard when all you have is videos on a screen to look at.”

“Is that your sign?”

“Is that weird? I thought it might be, for you, even though I like it, but everyone thought it would be ok and told me to do it that way.”

Dave nodded as he turned the hat in his hands.

“What color is it?”

“The sign is the same as mine, but uh, the rest of the hat is red.”

“Christ, it even has one of those fuzzy ball things on the top,” Dave commented, snorting as he ran his fingers along it. “Pretty sure a gayer hat does not exist anywhere. All the rainbow hats can cry themselves to sleep tonight because nothing beats something made with genuine gay stitched into every – whatever I don’t know how fucking knitting works, but you get what I mean.”

“It’s morning.”

“Fuck you, it’s still dark, it’s night, let the other gay hats cry themselves to sleep.” Dave finally pulled the hat over his head. It was on the loose side, which made Tavros frown. He had worried so much about it being too small that now it was too big – “Feels good, man.”

“It’s too big.”

“Just how I like them.”

“So it’s ok?”

“Perfect,” Dave assured him with a warm smile. “Won’t get to wear it too often since it’s usually not cold enough to wear shit like this, but when I do. It’ll be fuckin’ perfect.”

Finally, Tavros smiled in return.

“That’s good then. Um. Is this where I say happy birthday?”

“Fuck, that’s why you’re giving me shit,” Dave said with a snort. “How the fuck did you even remember?”

“I’ve been working on the hat for a while, so, it would be sort of dumb if I forgot which day to give it to you on.”

“You can’t ever even remember what day of the week it is. Ever.”

“Ok. Bro might have helped a bit.”

“That’s more like it. Now lean your face down here so I can give you a kiss and go back to sleep. We can celebrate properly when I’m not ready to pass out at the drop of a hat.”

“Uh, I would be pretty upset if you dropped that hat, since I kind of worked really hard on it,” Tavros said, unable to hide his amusement as he leaned down. However, his horn kept him from moving very far. He grunted and a snicker burst from Dave’s lips.

“How about I come to you?”

“That would be good.”

Tavros easily let himself be moved onto his back and sighed against slowly moving lips.

And then, just like that, Dave slid off and tugged at his arm. “Alright, now get back to being my meat blanket while I get my snooze on.”

“But. I thought maybe you wanted to—”

“It’s just morning wood, Tav.”

“Oh. Ok. That’s still weird.”

“Say that all you want, but it’s not going to change the fact that not every boner I pop has to do with sexy shit. But maybe tomorrow.”

“You mean today?”

“It’s still dark, and it’s my goddamn birthday, so what I say goes.”

“But by your logic, your birthday is tomorrow.”

Dave kicked him weakly in the calf. Tavros laughed and, finally, rolled back over and pulled Dave into his arms.

“Anyway, uh, again. Happy birthday, Dave.”

“Thanks. And thanks for the hat. It’s warm. And gay as fuck.”

“Is it really?”

“Yes. It is gay like a couple of dudes fucking with nothing but deep, deep love and pity all over the place. It’s more like gay as making sweet, sweet man love. It’s kind of disgusting, really, how really gay and filled with homolove this hat is. I think it makes everyone gay by proxy.”

“I meant is it warm.”

“Oh. Yeah. I don’t feel as cold as earlier.”

“That’s good.”

“Yeah. Now shh. Just sleeping now.”

“But I’m not tired.”

“Alright, fine. I’ll sleep and you can watch like a creep. Sound good?”

“Yes, I think I can deal with that. Good night, Dave.”

The teen nodded and pressed his face against the cotton of Tavros’ shirt. Soon enough his breathing was slow and even again.

Tavros did not want to be anywhere else.


When Dave finally woke up and they left the room, they found Bro waiting for them in the kitchen, birthday banners draped around the room and a pile of pancakes – the only thing he was capable of making from scratch – set on the table next to a package wrapped in colorful paper. He grinned.

“Looks like the birthday boy finally decided to come out of hiding. Nice hat.”

“Thanks. Nice work. The decorations are even more obnoxious than last year.”

“Just wait. I have candles to shove into these pancakes for you to blow out.”

“Holy shit. Dude. You’re outdoing yourself.”

“Damn right.”

“And what the fuck is that?”

“Have to unwrap it to find out.”

“Was I supposed to wrap your gift, Dave?”

“Don’t worry about it, babe.” Dave settled down in the chair covered in streamers and a sign that said ‘Over The Hill.’ “I haven’t actually looked at it since last night, and it was too dark to really see well. It’s practically like wrapping it.”

“You haven’t seen the hat yet? Man, you’re in for a surprise alright. That shit is off the hook.”

“All I remember is that it was gay as fuck, and I couldn’t even see the colors.”

“It’s gay is the best way. The amount of man loving troll man coming off it is ridiculous.”

“Alright, I have to check this out now,” Dave said, reaching up and tugging the hat off his head. However, it was gone from his hands just as fast. He glowered up at Bro who smiled back, hand behind his back.

“Breakfast first. Then presents. If you don’t mind, Tavros.”

“No, that’s ok,” he replied, grinning when Dave shot him a look. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise more than I have.”

Eventually they made it through breakfast, which was by far the best that Tavros could remember having in the Strider household. He did not understand the candles tradition, nor did he know the birthday song, or even know if Bro was even rapping it the way it was supposed to be rapped or not.

Dave was cute when he was hiding his face in his hands though.

After they were done, he tore into the gift at his side. Hidden under the paper was a sword of better quality than any others he owned. Dave ran a finger along the surface, inspected the sharpened curve, and noted the weight and balance. Finally, he gave Bro a thumbs up.

“I’m so going to beat your ass with this.”

“Don’t think I’ll take it easy on you just because it’s your birthday.”

“Better not.”

“It is pretty chilly out though.”

The hat ended up in Tavros’ lap. He grinned.

“Well, that’s ok, because uh, Dave will be warm with this, right?”

He held out the hat. Dave grabbed it and turned it in his hand, casually running his finger along the brown sign, the red of the rest of the hat that matched his shirt, and finally flicking the puffball on top.

“It’ll keep me warm alright. And for the record, it’s official. This hat is never leaving my head.”

“Even when it gets hot out?”

“Alright, it’s not leaving my head until spring.”


Usually, Tavros did not join the brothers on the roof when they would strife. They did it so often that soon it became mundane and uninteresting to watch.

But seeing Dave test out his new sword and occasionally reach up to make sure his hat stayed on was nice.

And really, Tavros did not want to be away from the Striders that day. He could not imagine where his life would be if the day that Dave landed had never happened. If he had never been, Tavros was sure that he would not be as incredibly happy as he was.

Nowhere could be as perfect.

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