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Teach Me (suggestion drabble 2/?)

Turns out I get 12 hours of free internet at this here hotel. So.

One more drabble.


How did you get into my head? I was legit just thinking about this the other day. I can’t even. Get out of my head.

But don’t because I loved having an excuse to write this.

I have a million more thoughts but we’ll just have to set them aside like many thoughts before them.

BUT FIRST IMPORTANT AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have little to no experience with the deaf/blind/mute/etc. communities. I tried my best to be respectful, but if I did not achieve my goal, let me know. Also, I know little to nothing about sign language either, so. Yes. Don’t expect this to be accurate on any level because odds are I botched it up. But please, please, let me know if it is in some way disrespectful.

Title: Teach Me

Characters/pairing: Dave, Tavros, brief Aradia (who just disappears at some point ok? Ok); kind of Dave/Tavros-ish if you want to view it that way (one mention of pity), although it’s a bit more gen/making friends

Rating/warnings: PG for swearing and sexual jokes (aka Dave), trigger warning for being mute?

“Hey, you finally arrived,” Tavros said, grinning from ear to ear as Aradia appeared with Dave in tow. He had been waiting ever since Aradia told him that she often brought Daves over to the realm that the bubbles floated around in, and that if he was lonely, she could bring one his way.

And now.

Now they would have their rematch. He would show Dave his Sick Fires and they could get into a rap off and it would be awesome—

Dave was digging around in his pocket, hardly even glancing at Tavros. His hand caught something and his face opened just the slightest bit, almost as if in shock, but more similar to his recognizing but being disinterested in his own shock.

Out came a small handheld device. His fingers typed out a message.

He turned it so that Tavros could see a screen with bright red font he knew too well.

so are you the creepy clown or the sweaty pony boy or the raging midget or the inept troll im betrothed to

Tavros stared at the screen in confusion and then at Dave’s face which revealed nothing. When he glanced at Aradia, she smiled knowingly, but did not say a word.

“Um. Well, I wouldn’t call myself inept, or betrothed, whatever that is, but I think by those things you mean me—wait, should I, you know, be typing this out too?”

The way the muscles that Tavros could see around the shades moved told him that the human was probably rolling his eyes at him. The device was back in his hands and his fingers flying before, again, he turned it. Tavros took a few steps closer so it was easier to read.

i can hear just fine numb nuts

even if right now im wishing i didnt have to

“Ok, I guess. But then why are you typing instead of just talking?”

Dave’s shoulders rose and fell in exaggerated exasperation. His fingers went to work, and Tavros was wondering what scathing excuse he would receive when Aradia sidled up and simply said, “He can’t.”

The fingers stilled.

Then one was pressed down for several seconds while the human glowered, the heat evident ever through the dark glass of his shades.

“Oh,” Tavros said simply, trying to dispel the awkward air that settled. “That’s ok. I used to be paralyzed, before dying, so uh, maybe that helps?”

Dave’s eyes were definitely focused on him now, and Tavros was pretty sure he just wanted to hide in a pile and hope that nobody would ever find him. It was a stupid thing to say. So stupid, and unhelpful, and why was he so dumb sometimes—

The sound of the keys click-clacking resumed.

i got to admit that being able to dance better than you ever will does help soothe the pain of living with a broke voice box

you have legs now but youre dealing with a boy who has had moving legs his whole life

dont even think about starting a dance off what the fuck are you doing

Tavros stilled from where he had slipped behind Dave, his chin nearly on the human’s shoulder.

“Um. Making things easier?”

Dave quirked a brow at him and continued to type without tearing away from the incredulous look he was giving Tavros.

by violating my personal space

yeah that makes things easier

i was hoping you hadnt realized what you insinuated by saying youd bring the fudge but i guess i better find a pillow to bite

i hope by easier you mean you have some magic lube too

“I actually meant that this way you don’t have to spend extra time constantly moving the, uh, thing you have there so that I can see it. Is that the only way you can communicate?”

well now im just heartbroken that you have no plans to plunder my young usa security tight brown eye

i had so many expectations

“Dave, can you, please, maybe not talk about stuff like that?”

The human shrugged, his shoulder bumping Tavros’ chin. When he eased back into typing, the troll let his chin settle down, figuring that the human would not mind. At the least he tolerated it since he did not say anything.

Type anything.

Tavros tried so hard to keep the thoughts at bay, but this whole thing was mind-boggling. He had expected a fast talking douche, like Karkat, but cooler, slicker, an opponent in rap offs, someone who could handle his Sick Fires and turn them on their heads and sling them back. But here Dave was, silent, with only his small device to express himself.

The last thing Tavros had expected to feel when he met Dave was to feel a pang of pity.

But he refused to let the thought stick. He had been paralyzed but did well for himself, right? He had his four wheel device, and then a rocket, and then robolegs, and he had done just fine.

Just because Dave could only communicate through the electronic device did not make him any less capable of talking circles around him—



i can do sign language too but that wouldnt mean shit to you

“Sign language?” Tavros blinked, intrigued. If Dave could not speak, then what other kind of language could he speak that did not involve a computer?


speaking with hands

“How does that work? Can I see you say something?”

Dave sighed, gave Tavros a look, and the troll swore he could see the dead eyes at the angle from behind the shades. Then the device was handed to him over Dave’s shoulder – shoved into his face, if he were honest – before the human took a few steps away. And there he stood, hands in his pockets, watching with a raised brow, as if asking, you ready for what im about to bring

Tavros nodded.

And then the hands were out and moving. Where Dave’s face was blank and emotionless, his arms and everything on them told a story, even if it was one Tavros could not understand. His wrists and fingers turned and twisted and curled with precision, alternating lazy motions with sharp, precise ones.

It was done in seconds, but it left Tavros awed.

Dave walked up and snagged his device, turning on his heels and leaning back against Tavros’ chest like he was nothing but a wall for him to look cool on.



that was hello in sign language

“It seemed, maybe, kind of long to just be hi?”

its understandable that you would be confused

hello and are you ready to be my prison bitch are pretty similar

easy to mix up

“That was really, really cool.”

Dave finally glanced over at Tavros. He typed again and Tavros was quickly finding that having to look away to read the screen was becoming his biggest pet peeve.


“Uh, yeah, definitely. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was like, well, more physical than when it’s spoken, which, ok, that sounds really dumb because of course it’s more physical, but anyway, I guess I’m saying that yeah, it was really cool.”

From so close, Tavros could see the muscles around Dave’s mouth tighten, as if to hold back a smile.

“Do you think maybe you could teach me?”


this works just fine and doesnt necessitate much effort

learning that shit would take ages

“So I can’t?”

Dave was back to looking at the screen. Tavros wondered about why he did that, if he did not need to look to type.

not impossible

just dont see why youd bother

Tavros nibbled at his lip and found himself glancing at a wall. Perhaps it was not so difficult to see why Dave would choose to look where he did not need to.

“Because, I guess that it’s still possible to rap off and stuff, with screens, since that’s mostly what I end up doing anything, and I guess mostly what you do too, but, I think it would be cooler if we could try to do that with your sign language? And more fun? And just, uh, yeah, fun and really, really cool. I’d like to see you rap.”

Dave still did not look at him. In fact, he was staring at his device pretty intently. But Tavros saw the muscles by his lips twitching, losing the fight.

i dont think youre ready to handle me rapping with my hands

it could get you seriously pregnant

“Well, luckily I can’t get pregnant, so, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

this defies laws of biology

you will get pregnant

“Then you should teach me so I can handle it, and you know, rap back.”

Tavros grinned when he saw Dave finally give up and let his lips curl up.

then strap up because youre in for the long haul

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